Project Ideas

Running around SL often I’ll hear a complaint or see something that tickles my fancy and that’s when I jot it down in my ideas folder.  I’ve got a bunch and I’d thought I’d share.  Kinda forces me to flesh them out a bit anyway, since to put them up here I hafta write about them such that someone else knows what the heck I’m talking about. =p

These are still very very rough… I’ll be revisiting them to make them more coherent as time goes on.

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Winter at Sunrise


Winter at Sunrise, originally uploaded by Winter Seale.

[Edit: Hehe, now it's parta my theme =) ]

I took this pic when I was redoing my profile pic. I’m really happy with how it came out and thought I’d share. =)  If I’m gonna be critical, I could have picked a shirt that didn’t match my flesh tone quite so closely.

This is also from my “rotate all your photos to make them look more dynamic” collection. =p

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My first product: Mistletoe just in time for the holidays! =)

So I had this idea kicking around for a while, mistletoe that floats above your head and lets people click on it to kiss you. So one night I just kinda put it all together… then it took me days and days to finish packaging it. =D

Winter's Mistletoe Box Graphic

Why yes, I am kissing myself there <.<

You can get one for free off Xstreet SL or On Rez or one in world soon at Summer Sim.

I had to learn a few things to make it though…

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