Winter at Sunrise


Winter at Sunrise, originally uploaded by Winter Seale.

[Edit: Hehe, now it's parta my theme =) ]

I took this pic when I was redoing my profile pic. I’m really happy with how it came out and thought I’d share. =)  If I’m gonna be critical, I could have picked a shirt that didn’t match my flesh tone quite so closely.

This is also from my “rotate all your photos to make them look more dynamic” collection. =p

Pic was taken in Austin at Summer’s sky platform, hair is Brite by Gritty Kitty, collar is from Summer’s sculpted gold cuff set, shirt is “Wild Flowers” by Viviane Fashion, eyes and skin I don’t usually change out but they’re Prismatic Natural Eyes 85 by Nevermore Studios and Jadzia Noxious LS1A from The Abyss respectively.

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