New joint product: Seale Sisters Clit Clamp


So me and my online-sis Summer did our first joint project together.  She rendered a very good looking clit and a very mean looking clamp and I wrote a bunch of scripts to put it all together.  The result is, to the best of knowledge, the first clit clamp of its kind in SL.  We’re really excited both by how well the product came out and to be doing our first joint project together.  We expect to have many more. =) 

Come on over to Summer’s unbelievably cool Summer Sim and get one for yourself or your friends. =p  While you’re there, join our Hippogroup to learn about future stuff in this product line. =)

Or, if you’d rather, you can get it off of Xstreet SL née SLX.

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Got a logo now…

Thanks to the tireless work of Summer (<3), I’ve got a logo now.  Thank’s for puttin’ up with me as we worked through the many variations sis. =)

Adding texture change to a scaler script…

So the other day Summer asked me to add a texture change feature to the scaler script she’d been using for the no-mod clothing and accessories.  The script she gave me was on notecards, with a Creative Commons license.  So I’m posting what I did here. =)

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