Adding texture change to a scaler script…

So the other day Summer asked me to add a texture change feature to the scaler script she’d been using for the no-mod clothing and accessories.  The script she gave me was on notecards, with a Creative Commons license.  So I’m posting what I did here. =)

I did a bunch of general cleanup and the scaler script is still usable stand alone to just scale stuff.  I got rid of all the magic numbers and made it stop creating/destroying listens all the time, making it instead use llListenControl to turn them on and off.  I also moved some repeated code into functions.  Also moved the braces around a little to be more comfortable to me <.< (yes, I’m a little embaressed to have done that. =p)  And finally, I changed it to support having the optional color change script.

The core script is here, drop that in whatever it is you want resized.  The child script is here and should go in every prim you want resized.

The texture changer I wrote from scratch.  You can add it to any script that already has the core resizer and it’ll automatically show up on the menu.  Just edit the list of textures at the top of the script to have whatever you want and drop the child script in the prims you want to change textures.

Both scripts are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.  People before me in the credits of the script are:

    eSimple srl 2008 –
    Ploreho design 2008 –

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