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New Product: Poseball Capture Scripts (w/RLV)

Poseball Capture Scripts
Our beautiful model is Akane Astonia. <3

After much too much time, I’ve finally released by addon for poseballs, bondage equipment or anything else you sit on. It’s a little force-sitter script. Yes, there are some things like this out there already but this one is superior in a number of ways.

  • This one is copy/notrans, which means with this single purchase you can setup all your stuff. The only other script based solution is nocopy/trans.
  • This is a script, not a prim you plop down next your bondage equipment. Why does this matter? When your equipment has more then one thing for you to sit on, non-script solutions can’t help you.
  • Money back, satisfaction guarantee– so it’s risk free to try and you know I’ll do what it takes to make things work for you.

You can pick one up today off of Xstreet SL or from the naughty spot on Summer Sim.

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New joint product: Seale Sisters Clit Clamp


So me and my online-sis Summer did our first joint project together.  She rendered a very good looking clit and a very mean looking clamp and I wrote a bunch of scripts to put it all together.  The result is, to the best of knowledge, the first clit clamp of its kind in SL.  We’re really excited both by how well the product came out and to be doing our first joint project together.  We expect to have many more. =) 

Come on over to Summer’s unbelievably cool Summer Sim and get one for yourself or your friends. =p  While you’re there, join our Hippogroup to learn about future stuff in this product line. =)

Or, if you’d rather, you can get it off of Xstreet SL née SLX.

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My first product: Mistletoe just in time for the holidays! =)

So I had this idea kicking around for a while, mistletoe that floats above your head and lets people click on it to kiss you. So one night I just kinda put it all together… then it took me days and days to finish packaging it. =D

Winter's Mistletoe Box Graphic

Why yes, I am kissing myself there <.<

You can get one for free off Xstreet SL or On Rez or one in world soon at Summer Sim.

I had to learn a few things to make it though…

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