My first product: Mistletoe just in time for the holidays! =)

So I had this idea kicking around for a while, mistletoe that floats above your head and lets people click on it to kiss you. So one night I just kinda put it all together… then it took me days and days to finish packaging it. =D

Winter's Mistletoe Box Graphic

Why yes, I am kissing myself there <.<

You can get one for free off Xstreet SL or On Rez or one in world soon at Summer Sim.

I had to learn a few things to make it though…

Mostly, particles, which Summer was a huuge help with, thanks sis.  Not too bad to work with once you know what you’re doing, but boy, miss a detail or too and things behave straange.

The animation code was also something I hadn’t done much with before… I hadn’t realized that I was gonna need multiple scripts to control multiple people till I actually started. =p  SL has an awful lot of silly things like that– between the lack of proper complex data structures and half the state of the world being implicit to your script, it’s not really a pleasent platform to code for.  While getting a more capable language would go a long way to improving things, the core API is still gonna make a lot of what-should-be-easy things hard. =p

I’m wearing, I believe, for hair, Bubble Gum by Gritty Kitty; the top is an old (2 years!) freebie from Canimal “CZ sheer top” and “CZ top”; the jeans are “Trouble” by PixelDolls.

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