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New Joint Product: Nipple Clamps

Seale Sisters Nipple ClampsClick the pic to see a close up of me and Summer chained together.

Summer and I have put together a fantastic set of nipple clamps. As you can see they look great, and have everything you’d expect from a nice scripted clamped nipples. This is what Summer wrote for our README:

Modeled after real clamps with photoreal textures and shadowing, these clamps were lovingly (and fearfully) crafted to be something for every day use.

There are a ton of options, so please read the notecard carefully (although they are all extremely simple and fast to use):

It comes with a couple of things beyond just the Nipple Clamps:

  • Black and White handles. These are copy/trans so feel free to hand them out to anyone you might want to drag you around.
  • A Leash Anywhere script that you can put in your own handle, or in posts or other things you want to be able to easily be chained to.

Just click your Nipple Clamps to bring up a menu.

  • Options…
    • Only you can see your options.
    • Turn Off and Turn On access to your clamp. While access is off, only you will get a menu clicking on it.
    • Lighten and Darken the color of your nipples. By default it’s very very light, so darkening is probably a good idea.
    • Hide and Show Nipples, which will hide and show the nipples and the clamps, for those times you want to be a little more discreet.
    • Hide and Show Clamps, which will hide and show just the clamps.
  • Chain…
    • If you’re wearing a LockMeister compatible handle, such as ours, or you’ve dropped our Leash Anywhere script into your own handle then the first option will be to be “Take Leash” which will attach it to your leash handle.
    • Next will be “Attach To…” which will let you leash to a nearby object with a Leash Anywhere script, or other Seale Sisters clamped nipples, clits or other products.
    • And finally there’ll be all the remaining nearby objects that have scripts in them. This let’s you be leashed to, for instance, objects with Xcite’s ChainAnywhere scripts or OpenCollar’s Leash Post script. This list can be quite long… use Next –> and <– Prev to move through it.
    • Our chain currently limits you to straying no more then five meters from what you’re chained to.
  • Clamp, Soothe, Jiggle, etc
      These are some built in emotes that you and others can use.

Buy yourself a set at Summer Sim.

My first product: Mistletoe just in time for the holidays! =)

So I had this idea kicking around for a while, mistletoe that floats above your head and lets people click on it to kiss you. So one night I just kinda put it all together… then it took me days and days to finish packaging it. =D

Winter's Mistletoe Box Graphic

Why yes, I am kissing myself there <.<

You can get one for free off Xstreet SL or On Rez or one in world soon at Summer Sim.

I had to learn a few things to make it though…

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