New Product: Poseball Capture Scripts (w/RLV)

Poseball Capture Scripts
Our beautiful model is Akane Astonia. <3

After much too much time, I’ve finally released by addon for poseballs, bondage equipment or anything else you sit on. It’s a little force-sitter script. Yes, there are some things like this out there already but this one is superior in a number of ways.

  • This one is copy/notrans, which means with this single purchase you can setup all your stuff. The only other script based solution is nocopy/trans.
  • This is a script, not a prim you plop down next your bondage equipment. Why does this matter? When your equipment has more then one thing for you to sit on, non-script solutions can’t help you.
  • Money back, satisfaction guarantee– so it’s risk free to try and you know I’ll do what it takes to make things work for you.

You can pick one up today off of Xstreet SL or from the naughty spot on Summer Sim.

Just for fun, here’s my compitition, at least, that I’m aware of, and why I think I’m better then them:

  • Restrained Life Adapter Script (force sit for furniture and toys) by Da5id Weatherwax.  He actually has two scripts, one with a touch menu, one that listens on /1 for the name of the object.  Both are nocopy/trans.  My scripts provide a handful of advantages.  First, they have support for both touch for menu and chat command for menu, just by changing their config.  Second, the menus I present show ONLY people with RLV.  His show everyone, making it hard to know if they’ll work at all.  His only force sit and keep you seated.  Mine can do anything RLV can do.
    His are only L$25, but you have to buy one for every poseball or prim you want to add RLV to suppor to, which can add up pretty quick. 
  • Restrained life poseball RLV by Chucky Takacs.  It’s nocopy/trans, so again you have to buy one for every piece of bondage gear you want to setup.  It’s provided as a poseball that you can add an animation to and/or link into an existing piece of furniture.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t have raw animations lieing around, so it wasn’t that appealing to me.  What’s more, it puts more restrictions on then I would want, with no way to change them.  It stops you from getting away, yes, but it also blocks your inventory.  It’s advantages are owner lists and timers.  But the owner lists are per poseball so if you’re equipping a dungeon… and at L$299 it’s pretty pricy for single use.  I’ve not tried this so I can’t speak for if it lists only RLV capable victims or not.
  • Dominatech RLV Controller 1.1.3 by Julia Banshee. This is a big ugly tower that you set near your prims.  It is, however, mod, so you can fix that.  it comes in a no-copy version for L$299 and a copy/no-trans version for L$899.  It’s menus show everyone and it can’t sit you on secondary sit targets, it can only put you on the root prim.
  • NS Force Sitter 1.3 by Nano Siemens. This is a green button that functions like the Dominatech. It has some nice options for what conditions restrictions are released under.  However, it’s again can only sit people on the root prim.

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