Project Ideas

Running around SL often I’ll hear a complaint or see something that tickles my fancy and that’s when I jot it down in my ideas folder.  I’ve got a bunch and I’d thought I’d share.  Kinda forces me to flesh them out a bit anyway, since to put them up here I hafta write about them such that someone else knows what the heck I’m talking about. =p

These are still very very rough… I’ll be revisiting them to make them more coherent as time goes on.

In no particular order…

  • RLV drop in for poseballs that allow RLV enabled AVs to be captured and locked down on poseballs. Intended as a way of giving RLV add-on support for store owners who don’t want to have to write it themselves and/or for people buying generic poseballs to get these features added.
  • RLV drop in’er that takes the script from above, scans for nearby poseballs matching some criteria (eg, “created by store owner but not owned by them”) and offers owner via dialog to add the script.Script should have auto-update code– eg, delete itself if something newer is found and dup-named scripts (eg, xxx 1) should just kill themselves.
  • An RLV based outfit system, to let you put together a set of clothes and/or attachments and then save them and restore them later. (RLV based ’cause you can only get this info and control clothes via RLV… the regular API doesn’t allow this.) This still would kinda suck due to RLV having limited outfit info even on stuff in #RLV.
  • Make generic “tear off” type script that uses RLV to let anything be torn off
  • Make generic prim sizer script
  • 12/28 Framework necessary for supporting “Shareware Prim Items” on second life.
  • 12/29 Write framework for doing automatic script upgrades, key is llRemoteLoadScriptPin
  • Fix up “tear off” scripts for attachments
  • Hamster ball: Make it able to eject youMake it so it can RLV lock people in it

    Capture people

    Control RLV options via notecard and/or menu

  • D/s triggers: Top sets triggers that happen when a phrase, location or person is near thatIMs the bottom with instructions (and adds this to a list of things the

    bottom needs to do. The bottom can mark thins as complete to remove them

    from the list.) 

    Eventually: Allow for complex trigger chains where one trigger will

    conditionally trigger another if it is or is not completed after a specified

    amount of time.

    Triggers could also trigger anims and/or RLV locks.

  • Gallery Loader:Drop in images, uploads meta data to website along with UUID.

    Gives back no-copy images.

    Lets you change metadata via typed commands or via web, includes


    Lets you set the aspect ratio, with presets for the major

    Gallery Viewer:

    Basic controls setup via notecard (or better, config script).

    Image set selected based on criteria in config

    (eg tags, matching words etc)

    Slideshow and manual mode

    Slideshow cycles through images (with optional indicator for how long

    till next image)

    Manual gives next and previous arrows

    Next and previous images

    Viewer can be rezed or attached.  When attached it locks you into a non-moving AO.

  • Hamster ball track, rails guiding it around, with beacon points for accelerated movement.
  • Hamster ball rollercoaster/amusement park rides, with beacons spread around the air that can toss you from one to the next to the next.
  • Some sorta sport with someone in the ball and others outside trying to push it around to a goal.
  • Something that scans chat for normal emoticons and makes your AV act them out. Also perhaps basic emote support, eg, /me smiles, /me giggles, /me grins, /me laughs, lol, etc. Downside: Creepy as hell and quickly gets obnoxious. Essentially minimal gestures. Can probably be implemented using the gesture system. Also I would never ever use it myself. =p
  • Object you wear/sit on that let’s you walk on the ceiling:
    Shoots a prim up and to figure out where the ceiling is. Uses animation to flip you upside down. Becomes a vehicle (takes over your controls), use move-to to move you around.

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