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New Product: Abduct and Control Hair Addon

Abduct and Control v1 (Small)
Let people:

  • Have quick access to your #RLV (Shared Root) restraints*
  • Strip you*
  • Drag you by your hair
  • Knock you unconscious
  • Abduct you*
  • Get a notecard with your RP info, limits, etc
  • Do:

  • Have full control over how much or little people can do to you
  • Advertise your vulnerability or play it coy
  • Quickly turn the whole thing on or off
  • Wear as an attachment or add directly to your hair
  • These actions require an RLV capable viewer to function and will be disabled if you are not in an RLV capable viewer. Other actions are enhanced with RLV, but will continue to function without it.

    Now only L$450, get it today! In world at Summer/54/32/1001,  in the naughty section.  Or on Xstreet under Hair Accessories.

    Posted to the forums here.

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