Winter’s Labnotes– What I’m doing in Second Life

TwitterWall on my devel platform

So I’ve started tweeting in detail what I’m doing in SL, as far as scripting and product development go.  (I’m not much of a life blogger, so don’t expect to hear too much about my personal life.  Complicated as it is, I’m just not the type to share it with the world.)

You can see it here: Twitter- winterseale #labnotes

Anyway, it’s part of my larger goal of trying to make scripting in the virtual world more transparent, like non-sculpty building has always been.  And maybe so I look a bit less like I’m just sitting around quietly for hours on end. =p  I went and picked up Twitter Wall, which was a bit pricey but did exactly what I wanted.  So now I have my latest labnotes on on a prim in my devel platform.

The plan for the future is to build out a clockpunk/steampunk type laboratory to keep all the stuff I’m working on there.  So that’s kinda where the labnotes name comes from.  It’ll all be semi-public and part of the sim that people visiting our store can explore.  I’ll post a slurl once something’s ready.

  • By Ener Hax, 2010/06/10 @ 1:15 am

    that is a cool way to tweet, i like your use of hashtags. i don’t quite understand how to use them, but i know it makes things easier to find =)

    and did you make that carrot? that’s pretty cool! =)

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