New Joint Product: Luminous Infinity (and freebie!)


Summer rendered up a breathtakingly beautiful set of prim clothing. The whole set is color change, switching from gold to silver and back. From the really great sculpted boots to the gorgeous prim top and matching belt. The top can reveal your breasts and when doing so, can show sculpted prim nipples (made for our nipple clamps originally) if you choose.

The whole set can be swapped between glinting warm gold or cool soft silver, either per-piece via menus or for the whole set using a chat command.

What’s more it comes with delicate arm, wrist and ankle cuffs scripted for LockMeister and LockGuard, and a pretty jeweled collar in decorative and scripted (Open Collar) versions. And because we wear our clothes ourselves, when you’re wearing the boots (which can’t be worn with the ankle cuffs), you’ll find that the boots are also coded for LockGuard and LockMeister.

And while you’re visiting make sure you get one of the free belly jewels that match the rest of the set. They’ve got a fun little poofer and nicely accent your look.

Get it today from the naughty section of Summer Sim.

  • By Ener Hax, 2010/04/10 @ 12:09 am

    wow! that is simply stunning! so beautiful!

    you also have great photo skills! =)

  • By Winter, 2010/04/21 @ 6:40 pm

    Thanks, though that pic is an example Summer’s great photo skills =)

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