Editing Animations on OSX

I use QAvimator to make animations (well really, I make poses, animations, thus far, are beyond me).  I also use OSX as my primary platform.  If you visit the QAvimator site you’ll see that you can only download a PPC only version (from 2007).  I compiled up a Universal version at the end of 2008 and put it online.  I posted it to their forums, offering it as a replacement for the out of date, PPC only version they’re currently linking too (and I haven’t been the only one).  Anyway, I thought I should mention it here, it case anyone else needs it.

  • By Ener Hax, 2010/04/10 @ 12:05 am

    lol, i was ignorant on what OSX was, but now see that it’s mac! and you were able to recompile QAvimator for it? holy cow, you are way smart on that stuff!

    i have absolutely no clue on how that is done. i don’t even have a Mac, but i thank you for doing that an making a neat product available to more people =)

    QAvimator is a great tool, i made a video tutorial on it but also only do static poses. but i know people that do animations and they say it’s pretty easy too

    thanks for being one of those peeps that make sl better for everyone =)

  • By Winter, 2010/04/21 @ 6:39 pm

    hehe, it’s really pretty easy if you’re a programmer. A video tutorial? I’ll have to search that up, I know some people who’d really appreciate that.

  • By Ener Hax, 2010/05/11 @ 6:54 pm


    just a simple video (no audio)

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